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About Me

Kelly Telly is a writer that inspires to look at life from a different perspective.

Writes since 2017, in the niche of psychology & personal growth. Graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology in the middle of the pandemic.

Now offering book-related services such as ghostwriting, book consultant & content editor.

My Books

Membina Kerjaya Era Baru

An ebook from previous blog posts about career that is compiled and curated.

My Services

As a freelancer in the book industry in Malaysia, specifically in the non-fiction genre, I offer a variety of services:

Book Ghostwriting

Convert materials such as social media posts, videos or interviews, into book manuscript.

Book Consultant

Assists authors in writing & publishing their books.

Content & developmental Editor

Ensuring a manuscript's organization, flow, and thematic coherence meet the intended goals and audience expectations.

SEO & Social Media Content Writer

Writes SEO friendly blog articles & value-driven social media posts.

My Qualifications

Bachelor of psychology with honours

Universiti Malaysia Sabah, 2020.

Virtual summit sekolah penulisan ramadan

An extensive virtual course all about book writing, publishing & marketing.

Seminar Memulakan Bisnes Penulisan Sebagai Ghostwriter

An extensive seminar to be a ghostwriter.

Himpunan Penulis Swaterbit

A seminar of navigating the self-publishing industry.

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