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Share Your Wisdom as a Book & Build Your Legacy

We help busy experts & professionals like you transform their knowledge into a professionally written book.

Your ideas & experience can inspire & educate.. Let us handle the writing while you focus on what you do best.

I'm commited to help you spread your message & knowledge to the world.

I understand you are too busy with your work & family to have time to write on your own. Nevertheless, your knowledge and message are too important to be kept to yourself. It needs to be out in the world, to be known by other people.

Thus, it is important to hire someone who understands how to convert meaningful messages from knowledgeable individuals into a book with a comprehensive & holistic message that can be understood by the public.

Who am I?

Kelly Telly is a writer that inspires to look at life from a different perspective.

Writes since 2017, in the niche of psychology & personal growth. Graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology in the middle of the pandemic.

Now offering book-related services such as ghostwriting, book consultant & content editor.

My Services

As a freelancer in the book industry in Malaysia, specifically in the non-fiction genre, I offer a variety of services:

Book Ghostwriting

Convert materials such as social media posts, videos or interviews, into book manuscript.

Book Consultant

Assists authors in writing & publishing their books.

Book Editor

Ensuring a manuscript's organization, flow, and thematic coherence meet the intended goals and audience expectations.

The Process of Your Writing Journey

Before any agreements are made or contracts are signed, we take the time to get to know you, what book you want to write & your publishing goals. We’ll provide consultation regarding the publishing industry & discuss the optimal strategy for your book.

We will devise a comprehensive book outline that embodies your vision, along with a publication & marketing plan that fulfill your goals.



We will organize interviews to delve into the content of the book. You just talk, I’ll turn it into writing. Additionally, we will gather materials such as social media posts, lectures, & other interviews to enrich the content of the book.



While you don’t have to worry about the writing aspect, you will still be highly involved in the editing & revising process, ensuring that the book delivers exactly as you intended it to be. We will proceed only with your final approval.

With the final approval from you, the manuscript will be officially handed to you. Congratulations, you will have a book manuscript that is ready to be published!

Why You Should Hire me?

Here are my books:

Membina Kerjaya Era Baru

An ebook from previous blog posts about career that is compiled and curated.

You Are Deserving

An Islamic psychological healing book about overcoming insecurities through the story of Prophet Musa

Here are my qualifications:

Bachelor of psychology with honours

Universiti Malaysia Sabah, 2020.

Virtual summit sekolah penulisan ramadan

An extensive virtual course all about book writing, publishing & marketing.

Seminar Memulakan Bisnes Penulisan Sebagai Ghostwriter

An extensive seminar to be a ghostwriter.

Himpunan Penulis Swaterbit

A seminar of navigating the self-publishing industry.

Are you ready to be an author?

Start your legacy & make that book a reality.

Book your free consultation now.

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