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Are you really a Mukmin?

Muslims, are you Mukmins?

Do you believe in Allah as God & Prophet Muhammad as His messenger?


Do you really believe that all the injustice in this world is due to His will?
Do you really believe that all of your sufferings are being compensated by Him?
Do you really believe that when you die, you will come back alive & be judged for all that you do?

Can you actually paint in your mind how Judgement Day really is? The mass of crowds, the sins portrayed, the path to the heaven, and all the people falling from that path, falling to the depths of fire of the eternal hell?

Do you believe Prophet Muhammad is the most loving person, that you can actually picture how he is walking & greeting children as he passes by?

Do you?

My point is, do you believe whatever you believe now, to the point that when I talk about that, all of your five senses are actually perceiving them?

Don’t worry, not guilt-tripping anyone here! And I’m not saying if you don’t, you are not a true Mukmin.

This thought of mine stems from me thinking, “Why there are very descriptive details about heaven, hell, judgement day, angels, devils, etc, in the Quran & the Hadis?”
Of course we need basic details. But I’m talking about, like, how many wings angels has, how many years people are in hell for certain sins, how devils licks off people’s food who don’t practice certain behaviors, etc.I used to not pay attention to those, thinking, “I can’t see them anyway, why should I know about them?”Well, because the details are real. And the details are given because the thing itself is real.

It’s like, trying to sell a home. You’re not gonna land a sale just by saying, “I’m selling a big house, 2 storey, has 4 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms.”

You need more (real) descriptive here.
“The house is in the X housing area, close to the schools & the shophouses. It has easy access to highways. Its lawn is enough to fit in 3 cars. It’s fully furnished, with the latest model of smart TV.  It also have 24-hours security…”

(Sorry for the bad details though, I’m not in the housing field)

So again, back to the question, I’m not trying to guilt-trip anyone. But probably, this exercise can make us question healthily our beliefs. Like, why do we believe what we believe? To what extent do we believe it? If your senses are not reacting, why? Or why not?

It’s a good exercise to reflect on what we believe.

Because ultimately, whatever we believe, will be portrayed through our actions, both intentionally & unintentionally.
(And it’s definitely beyond sensory reaction)

So let’s ask ourselves, how are our beliefs being portrayed through our actions?

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