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How Impatience is Killing Your Dreams

Do you have your own dreams or ambitions?

If you do, congratulations! To put that in perspective, not everyone knows what they want. And not everyone who knows what they want, get to pursue what they want. Not everyone is cut to set a higher standard for themselves to live in.

And one of the things that makes people unqualified to do so, is impatience.

I mean, imagine that you’re working really hard, day and night, with the hope that your dreams and ambitions will come true. But after some time passes when you expected to see the results, nothing’s there. So you wept, thinking how much of a failure you are.

Well, let me break this to you; although it seems like nothing is technically happening, if you just continue to persist, you will see the results. As long as you are patient.

Because, if you are impatient, it would kill your dreams and ambitions. Why?


Things take time

In this heavily paced world, sometimes we forget, some things take time. Some things take a long time.

So, when you don’t see results immediately, or when you expect to, it’s easy to think that it’s all in vain. But it’s not. You just need to be patient & give them the time they deserve. If you’re impatient, it would be easier to just call it quits, therefore killing them before it could even have the chance to live.

You don’t see a seed grow in the ground, yet you have faith that it will, by taking care of it. So fret not. Even when you physically cannot see anything, the progress is still there.


Impatience impedes creativity

“Wait, I thought we’re talking about achieving dreams and ambitions.”

Yes, and don’t those require creativity as well? Be it the most logical and analytical dreams of yours, you still need to be creative in finding ways to achieve your dreams effectively.

We all know the quote that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different result, is madness. But sometimes when we are in the rush of getting things done, it blurs our judgement as to whether our actions are the best actions to take at the moment. Being impatient only invites more negative vibes, making us being angry, frustrated and disconnected from the very dreams that we desire.

Creativity is needed to see through lots of factors that influences our actions and the outcomes. So be patient, and you might reach your goal faster due to you acting upon the clarity that the creativity might give you.


There is no such thing as overnight success

Yes, you might have heard the story where a random tech guy, build a random app, and boom! Suddenly it got viral.

Well, I’m not saying that the story is untrue; it is just incomplete. When it comes to overnight success, people only see what happens during the 24 hours. What people don’t see is his lengthy years of studying in programming, 5 to 10 years trying to build an app, and failing, over and over. And each of his failure acts as a building blocks to his success, as he examines each one of them, to learn from them.

So, though it may seem that he was lucky, the luck acted upon him based on the skills and knowledge that he had accumulated and used over his youth years. And even after becoming viral, entrepreneurial skills are needed to maintain that success, right? That is a whole another story.

So, be patient with wherever you are now. You are where exactly you need to be. Just keep up the good work that you have been doing. While there is no such thing as overnight success, your excellent work ethics would definitely accelerates you to success.


Before closing this, let me clarify. Being patient does not mean deliberately postponing your efforts. That is not an excellent work ethic. Of course you know what you want, and you know you want it as soon as you can. You know how capable you are for great and amazing things. There is nothing wrong at all with believing and having faith in all of that.

With that being said, we should take note that none of us is entitled to reach our goals, whenever and however we want it. Nobody owes us that. It could be harder, and take much longer time that we predicted. And that is okay.

So, whatever opportunity comes, grab it without overthinking too much, to learn and try, until you get it right. And you have to keep going even with all the frustration going on. It is part of the journey as well. Here is where the patience is needed, in order to give life to your dreams and ambitions.

So never forget to be patient in achieving your dreams 😃

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