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That’s Not Me

“No one would understand you.”
“No one be friends with you.”
“You’re better gone off this world.”

Never would I thought, that I would have those thoughts haunting me every single day.
Never would I thought, that the confident me, would have been shattered by those voices inside my head.

But you know what? That’s not me.

No one is ever born into this world inherently belittling themselves.
Being cautious, yes. It’s for survival. But getting the loop of negative thoughts consuming yourself, affecting your functionality? That’s not natural.

So to those who might relate, just be reassured that none of those thoughts are you. None of those thoughts come from you.
It might seem like it does, really. But rest assured, it’s not.

It could come from various external factors, that embedded itself within you. And yes, it would be hard separating those thoughts from you. But seek a little bit of peace in knowing that none of it comes from you.

You are strong 💪🏼
You will get through this ❤

This is a snippet of my video, talking about the source of my social anxiety.

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