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Qualifications & Certificates

Bachelor of Psychology with Honours

Virtual Summit Sekolah Penulisan Ramadan

An extensive virtual course all about book writing, publishing & marketing.

  • Covers various of writing technique.
  • Consideration of book design in writing.
  • Entrepreneurial approach of book writing.

Tentang Buku

An extensive 1-day seminar on

  • Book publishing business.
  • Book marketing.
  • Intellectual property and copyright laws regarding books.

Panduan Terbit & Jual Konten Digital

A course on publishing & selling online products like ebook.

Content Writer Incubator

A 2 day seminar + 3 months training with Izah Asmadi on content writing with copy that converts.

Seminar Memulakan Bisnes Penulisan Sebagai Ghostwriter

An extensive seminar to be a ghostwriter.

Himpunan Penulis Swaterbit

A seminar of navigating the self-publishing industry.

Followed by personalized coaching about the book industry in Malaysia

Basic Proofreading Seminar

A seminar of the basics of proofreading, organized by Jejak Tarbiah.

V Creator Startup Pitch Competition

Pitching about book industry from business perspective

  • Top 6 at university preliminary level.
  • Advanced to semi-finals.