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Make YOUR content credible

Give me the topic, I'll handle the writing & the research.

how do you stand out?

…when 4.4 million blog posts & 2,700 books are published every single day? (source) (source)
Amidst the era of countless content being shown to consumer, people tend to engage & share with content that have high crediblity.
[CREDIBILITY = Research + backlinks + SEO]
With this formula, I will help your content stand out to reach your business goals!

who am i?

I’m Kelly Telly, a freelance content writer & ghostwriter, with one life-long mission; to inspire people to look at life from a different perspective.

I’ve been a content creator since 2017, making me well-versed with social media. I have good command in both English & Malay language.

Since I graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology in the middle of the pandemic, I’ve released a book (zine) series called The Third Side of The Coin. And my writings have been featured in Crunch by Nuffnang.


V Creator Startup Pitch Competition

  • Pitching about book industry from business perspective.
  • Got into semi-finals.

Virtual Summit Sekolah Penulisan Ramadan 2020 – An extensive virtual course all about book writing, publishing & marketing.

  • Covers various of writing technique.
  • Consideration of book design in writing.
  • Entrepreneurial approach of book writing.

Panduan Terbit & Jual Konten Digital

  • a course on publishing & selling online products like ebook.

Seminar Memulakan Bisnes Penulisan Sebagai Ghostwriter

  • An extensive seminar to be a ghostwriter.

Himpunan Penulis Swaterbit

  • A seminar of navigating the self-publishing industry.

Content Writer Incubator

  • A 2 day seminar + 3 months training with Izah Asmadi on content writing with copy that converts.

What do you want to do?

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