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The Day My Cousin Died

This specifically talks about my social anxiety problems, but I think it applies to all of the people who are struggling to be better. Where my cousin’s death particularly just reminded me that all humans are precious, thus giving me strength to overcome that fear itself.

But I regretted the fact that I had to lose my cousin to realize that. Thus, to all of you struggling to be better out there, keep persevering, & have faith that you’re doing it right. Because at times when you feel like you’re not heading to the right direction, trust me, you would want to divert back when it’s too late, when you lost something due to not persevering. Just like me.

And to those who are aspiring to change, but may be procrastinating it for whatever reason, I understand that it’s hard, & you’d be ready when you’re ready.

But don’t wait until it’s too late, until you lost what’s valuable to you, to change what you need to change.

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